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Perinatal Counselling
& Support


As a perinatal counsellor, birth doula and parent educator, I can listen, inform and help to re-affirm your decisions as you make plans for growing your family, so that you feel empowered and confident on whichever path you choose to follow on your conception, pregnancy and birth journey. My aim is to support your emotional wellbeing with a focus on holistic health, to assist in managing life challenges during your preparations for birth, and your parenting experience as it unfolds.


​Antenatal counselling can include:

- Co-creating pregnancy & birth intentions and goals, including developing birth preferences which prioritise your emotional needs and both psychological and cultural safety.

- Practising mindfulness techniques and fear-release methods to reduce stress and work through any past trauma or other negative experiences.

- Helping to define your needs to your partner, family and health care providers, so that you can feel fully supported as you care for yourself and baby.

- Support with developing a mental health care and/or safety plan if needed.

- Doula support during labour and birth with postpartum visits if desired.

- Postnatal de-briefing about your birth experience and ongoing emotional support, including screening for signs of anxiety and/or depression.

Ongoing Perinatal Counselling

The perinatal period is often defined as the first 12 months after birth. However, the journey of matresence, or becoming a mother, can last much longer, and can continue to change over a lifetime. It can require significant psychological and physical adjustment as your identity evolves to include your role of caring for and nurturing another human being, and your emerging responsibilities. And while there are moments of joy and celebration, it can also be a difficult transition involving feelings of loss, grief or guilt, as well as unaddressed trauma. This can disrupt the process of bonding and attachment, and impact on other relationships as well as your mental health. So it can be helpful to have support to work through these powerful and sometimes overwhelming emotions, and understand more about your experiences. Counselling can help you to view them in the wider context of your life and develop coping strategies to feel more positive and in control. 

"Natalie made my husband and I feel heard throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and post-partum period. Working with Natalie meant my husband could also feel emotionally supported during the wild journey of our birth. I loved being able to reach out for her expert guidance.  I will always be grateful for her presence, strength and support during my entire pregnancy, birth and the weeks following... it felt like having family there. Every birth is a life changing experience and having support from people you trust is key."



"Natalie helped me work through all my thoughts, emotions and deep fears until we uncovered the type of birth I actually wanted to have. In the weeks and months following, she helped us transition to life with a baby, debrief about the birth and helped me get support for postnatal depression and anxiety. Throughout the whole journey she was there for any questions or concerns. Choosing Natalie for support was one of the best decisions we made."

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