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My Story

Hello, I'm Natalie. I have more than 20 years of professional mental health experience in both Australia and overseas. My interest in perinatal and family wellbeing stems from my own birthing and parenting experiences, which over time has led to a focus on a wider range of diverse challenges, particularly the way that changes in our intersecting personal, social and cultural identities can shape our holistic health throughout all of life's stages.

I believe that most significant life transitions are not simply stand-alone events, so require a whole-of-life approach and understanding. Whether or not they create trauma, and how long this may be acute or prolonged, can often depend on how supported we feel in processing and understanding our emotional journeys. This can help to make sense of our experiences, and in developing insight and wisdom into our own self-care and wellbeing needs.

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  • Graduate Diploma of Counselling

  • Master of Arts in Cultural Studies

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Language Studies

  • Mindful Schools Teaching Qualification

  • NLP Practitioner Certification

  • Perinatal Mental Health Training

  • Hypnobirthing International Educator Certification

  • Australian Doula College Birth & Postnatal Doula Certification

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