My Story

After teaching and consulting in Asia, and currently Australia, I have been an educator for 18 years. I hold a B.A in Language Studies, an M.A in Cultural Studies, a Mindful Schools K- 12 curriculum teaching qualification and NLP practitioner certification. I have also completed Doula training at the Australian Doula College and most recently, Childbirth Educator training with HypnoBirthing International, because I believe the benefits of mindfulness begin even before birth. 

In my experience, the pressures of modern life can lead to consistently high levels of stress, where many people exist in a continuous state of "fight, flight or freeze". This may reduce their ability to feel in control of their own physical and emotional responses related to study, work and relationships. This kind of anxiety can also occur as a result of increased medical intervention in pregnancy and birth, where the power of choice is often taken away from women and replaced by fear, which can interfere with the natural process of trusting their own instincts, bodies and babies. 

As a mum of two, I am passionate about helping young people and their families to develop effective tools to face life's challenges. And as a doula, I believe that women should be supported to have a positive birth experience no matter where and how they decide to give birth. It is vital to every mother's wellbeing that each birth choice and journey is respected, honoured and  celebrated. 


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My Approach

I practice a holistic approach focused on understanding the powerful mind-body connection which can consicously or unconsciously shape our beliefs and actions and imapct on our physical and emotional welbeing. Increased awareness of this relationship can have a positive effect on our responses to challenges and in adapting to transitions and change. This approach includes the use of evidence-based information, self-care strategies and relaxation techniques such as affirmations, visualisations and calm breathing to encourage a sense of confidence and empowerment in everyday situations, as well as during important life events.