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My Story

I've worked with a diverse range of individuals and families in various roles, including as an educator for 20 years. I hold an M.A. in Cultural Studies, a Mindful Schools teaching qualification and NLP practitioner certification. I've also completed training at the Australian Doula College and HypnoBirthing International. I'm currently studying for my Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling to suppport my work in the area of postnatal counselling.

As a mum, I've experienced two births overseas, far from our support networks. We faced many challenges and this is why I am passionate about supporting families to feel educated, informed and fully supported to have a positive experience, no matter where and how they decide to give birth. It's so important that each decision and journey is respected, honoured and celebrated. 

Stress in pregnancy, birth and early parenting, can contribute to ongoing anxiety. However, medical interventions and emergencies don't always lead to trauma, it's most often related to how empowered a woman feels during her experience. When she has the power of choice, it can encourage the natural process of trusting her own instincts, body and baby, enhancing the wellbeing of the whole family.

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My  Approach


Over the years I have developed a holistic approach centred on exploring the way our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, identity, relationships, experiences and environment influence our physical and emotional welbeing, both positively and negatively. This approach involves sharing tools such as evidence-based information, self-care strategies, mindfulness practice, and somatic techniques to enhance awareness of the poweful mind - body connection, which can help to shift focus away from limiting stress and fear -based responses, and instead foster positivity and confidence when facing life's most challenging transitions.

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