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Holistic Therapy

You don't have to be in crisis to seek support. Counselling and psychotherapy are self-care practices which can help to prevent overwhelm and burnout.

I support individuals and couples who are dealing with difficult life changes, including in adolescence, the perinatal period, parenting, families, relationships and during other transitions involving shifts in identity, or loss and grief. You may be going through experiences that are impacting on your all of your relationships - with yourself and others, or with your life in general. 


I understand that all kinds of complex life events can undermine our sense of who we are, and often our ability to move forward in our lives. My role is to listen and hold space for you with empathy and non-judgement in the process of making sense of your unique life challenges in a safe and trauma-informed way.

My special interest areas are:

  • Adolescent mental health

  • Women's wellbeing across the lifespan

  • Perinatal mental health & birth trauma

  • Family/parenting or carer challenges

  • Couples & relationship therapy

  • Cultural identity & intergenerational issues

  • Neurodifference and diversity

  • LGBTQIA+ affirmation journeys

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Holistic therapy can involve integrative techniques and somatic modalities to strengthen the mind-body connection, which can calm the nervous system to release stress, tension and anxiety. This could include breathwork, polyvagal exercises and other mindfulness practices to address embodied trauma. Psychotherapy often focuses on working together to explore your experiences on a deeper level to develop strengths-based strategies over the longer-term. 

In person counselling sessions are offered in Langwarrin & Carlton, and online via Zoom. There are also after hours appointments, and opportunities for walk & talk sessions where we can have therapeutic conversations in nature.

No referral is required and there is currently no waitlist. 
Please call Natalie for an informal and confidential chat to find out more on (03) 5910 1103.


"From my first meeting with Natalie there was an instant connection and any time I felt anxious or unsure she was there with words of encouragement and support. It gave me such power to remember that we could get through this. Her ability to connect to women, men and kids is amazing".


"Natalie has excellent skills in counselling young people in informal, spontaneous, highly volatile and unpredictable situations. She was able to creatively engage them in therapeutic processing and conversations around mental health, goals, emotional regulation and gently challenging their presentation."

Therapeutic Specialist, Youth Program

qualified counsellor
LGBTQIA friendly counsellor
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