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Holistic Therapy
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I offer inclusive counselling for young people, adults, couples and families who are dealing with difficult transitions related to shifts in identity and relationships, or those struggling with change, loss and grief. With professional and lived experience among a range of diverse communities, I understand that adjusting to these events can be complicated, and even more distressing without the right kind of emotional support. This can lead us to question our sense of who we are, our connection with others and our ability to move forward in our lives.


Together we can start to explore whatever is happening for you in a culturally safe and trauma-informed way. This could include areas such as:​

  • Childhood, attachment & relational issues

  • Adolescent mental health

  • Perinatal mental health & birth trauma 

  • Relationship, family & parenting/carer support

  • Reproductive changes through the lifespan e.g. peri/menopause

  • Transitioning identities throughout the lifespan

  • Cultural identity & trauma experiences

  • LGBTQIA+ challenges including gender affirming care

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I follow a holistic approach which involves somatic techniques to strengthen the mind-body connection and calm the nervous system to release stress, anxiety and embodied trauma. This can help in developing coping skills for regulating our emotions during challenging transitional stages. Our sessions may also focus on working together to explore and validate your experiences on a deeper level over the longer-term to find greater clarity. 

In person counselling sessions are available online and in Carlton, Parkville & Langwarrin. There are also before/after hours, Saturday and 90 minute appointments, as well as opportunities for walk & talk sessions.

Individual: $100/$60 concession and couples: $140/$100.

No referral is required and there is currently no waitlist. You are very welcome to get in touch
 for an informal and confidential chat to find out more. Call Natalie on (03) 5910 1103.


"From my first meeting with Natalie there was an instant connection and any time I felt anxious or unsure she was there with words of encouragement and support. It gave me such power to remember that I could get through this."


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