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Hypnobirthing near me

Upcoming Classes

2 - 4.30pm Saturdays

20th July - 17th Aug in Carlton


$350/$525 per couple - all materials included.


Group & private sessions are offered in person or online. Enquiries and expressions of interest in additional time & dates are very welcome. Contact Natalie:

Join us for a 3 or 5 week course to learn about how physiological birth works and hands-on techniques for labour in a fun and interactive way.

Hypnobirthing is an evidence-based education program which teaches you and your birth partner how to navigate pregnancy, birth, and beyond. It can help to prepare for a positive, calm experience by releasing emotions which can overstimulate the nervous system, potentially leading to tension and fear. These techniques support you to appreciate the power of instinctive birthing and bonding — benefits that can last a lifetime by encouraging secure attachment between you and your baby, strengthening your relationship, and developing positive parenting skills and practices.

We learn:

• Breathing techniques and positions 

• Positive visualisations and affirmations 

• What to expect during labour and birth, and how your body and baby will work with you

• How to manage anxieties, limiting beliefs or fear surrounding birth and parenting​​

• How to self-advocate with healthcare providers and navigate the maternal healthcare system with     confidence

• What you need to know about navigating the fourth trimester as new parents

• How your partner and other family members can support you effectively throughout the perinatal period.

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"We gained so much from the hypnobirthing classes. Such a positive experience, we learned a lot and had a relaxed environment to share experiences and ask questions. Natalie is highly knowledgeable about labour and birth but also the whole pregnancy journey. We gained invaluable practical advice about labour, plenty of reassurance and extremely helpful guidance for my husband on how to help during this time and post partum. I would highly recommend Open Circle Wellbeing to any pregnant woman and partner."


"Best decision we made. The birth of our first child was incredible, extremely speedy (under 4hours!) and everything I wanted it to be and more. I didn’t even realise I was in labour for half of it and I really think that hypnobirthing and Nat’s support helped with this. I was able to labour at home which is something I dreamed of and then made it to the hospital just in time to birth. I highly recommend Nat's hypnobirthing classes!"

hypnobirthing couple
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