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Mindfulness Programs
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Open Circle provides mindfulness-related programs with a focus on social and emotional learning in schools, universities, workplaces, and in the community, in group and 1:1 settings.

Educational Mindfulness Programs


Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Levels

•Sensory Development •Communication Skills •Emotional Regulation •Resilience Building •Healthy Relationships •Body Safey & Consent •Social Media & Wellbeing 

University Programs

•Goal setting •Mindful Communication •Problem Solving •Anxiety & Stress Management •Coping with Transition & Change •Mindfulness for Wellbeing •Mindful Technology

Organisational Mindfulness Training

•Team Building •Stress Management •Interpersonal Communication •Cultivating a Growth Mindset •Organisational Change •Wellbeing in the Workplace •Embracing Diversity & Inclusion

Individual and Group Programs/Workshops/Webinars

•Mindful Pregnancy & Birth •Mindfulness for Women •Mindful Kids •Mindfulness for Families •Positive Parenting •Everyday Mindfulness 


"I strongly believe that children should be taught coping strategies so they can handle challenging situations and this is exactly what Natalie covered in her mindfulness lessons. The children looked forward to seeing her each week, her calm presence had a very positive effect on them. I think they also enjoyed sharing their emotions. Natalie helped everyone in the class feel relaxed. I felt disappointed when I heard the 8 weeks were nearly over!"


Early Years Program Teacher


"Thank you Natalie, your mindfulness sessions were engaging, and your manner with the children was wonderful. You spoke to them and with them. Each week the content was clear and meaningful. The children obviously learned a lot – shown by their use of the language you were using and general ability to think more about their actions. You have also helped me personally and professionally. Often when teaching I am mentally juggling a million things at once, and being conscious of taking the time to just stop, breathe and focus on what is happening right now was very calming.


It would be wonderful if we could make mindfulness an integrated part of the whole school curriculum."

Year 4 Primary Teacher

Counselling Langwarrin
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