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Perinatal Support

 A doula's role is to provide information and reassurance, as well as ongoing emotional and physical support to promote positivity, confidence and empowerment throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

HypnoBirthing Childbirth
Education Classees

Hypnobirthing embraces the use of self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques to feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared for for a calm and instinctive pregnancy and birth.

Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness activities promote the  focusing of attention on what is happening in the present moment, while having awareness and acceptance of one’s thoughts, feelings and physical sensations.

About Me

I am a holistic Perinatal Practitioner and Mindfulness Facilitator. I work with individuals and families at home, and in community and healthcare settings across Melbourne to promote physical and emotional wellbeing, specialising in pregnancy/birth/postnatal support, and offer hypnobirthing classes, both online and at a private venue in Langwarrin.


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