Birth Testimonials

I decided to have a doula for my second birth as I was high risk. My child was born into this world with a mother who was confident and so well supported that I cannot wait to do it all again. From my first meeting with Natalie there was an instant connection and any time I felt anxious or unsure she was there with words of encouragement and support. During the hardest parts of the birth her words put my mind at ease and I truly believe that this helped me labour quickly and with minimal effort. When my daughter was born the support continued, with every message and every phone call it gave me such power to remember that I could do this. 


Rebecca, Darryl, Charlotte and Faith

All my apprehensions disappeared within moments of meeting with Natalie. She provided me with advice and support to advocate for the birth I wanted. I don't remember much of the birth, but I have the wonderful photos Natalie took of our new arrival. We absolutely treasure these. In the weeks following Eden's birth, Natalie was visiting us regulary and this postpartum support was invaluable. She would often play with my one year-old, giving her the one on one time she was craving. She still mentions beautiful Natalie months later! We all love you, thank you for being such a huge part of this season in our lives. 

Nicky, Bill, Mahlin, Wren and Eden

Natalie made my husband and I feel heard and supported throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Although I have an amazing husband, working with Natalie meant he could also feel emotionally supported during the wild journey of our birth. I loved being able to reach out to Natalie for her expert guidance. Having her at the birth felt like having family there and I always felt safe and in control. Every birth is a life changing experience and having support from people you trust is key. I will always be grateful for Natalie's presence, strength and support. 

Amirah, Ismail and Hamzah.

Mindfulness Testimonials

I strongly believe that children should be taught coping strategies so they can handle challenging situations and this is exactly what Natalie covered in her mindfulness lessons. The children looked forward to seeing her each week, her calm presence had a very positive effect on them. I think they also enjoyed sharing their emotions. Natalie helped everyone in the class feel relaxed. I felt disappointed when I heard the 8 weeks were nearly over!

Early Years Program Teacher

Thank you Natalie, your mindfulness sessions were engaging, and your manner with the children was wonderful. You spoke to them and with them. Each week the content was clear and meaningful. The children obviously learned a lot – shown by their use of the language you were using and general ability to think more about their actions.  You have also helped me personally and professionally. Often when teaching I am mentally juggling a million things at once, and being conscious of taking the time to just stop, breathe and focus on what is happening right now was very calming.


It would be wonderful if we could make mindfulness an integrated part of the whole school curriculum.

Year 4 Primary Teacher

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