Birth & Postnatal
Doula Support

My role as a doula is to listen, inform, reassure, encourage and support your decisions and hold the space for you in your incredible birth journey, on whichever path you may choose to folllow. 

I can provide flexible, individualised support depending on your needs, including virtual and/or face to face doula services within the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula area, as well as ongoing support via phone, messaging and email, throughout pregnancy, during labour and postnatally. I have also completed Department of Health Training on COVID-19, and can provide up-to-date advice and support for navigating the current situation and environment in maternal healthcare.

A sample birth support plan:
- Antenatal visits: including birth goals and preferences planning, wellness sessions which promote relaxation with massage, essential oils, visualisation, affirmations, guided meditation and other HypnoBirthing techniques and labour preparation to encourage optimal positioning for baby, as well as acupressure, rebozo and breathwork techniques, guidance for birthing companions, also attending medical appointments if desired.
- Continuous support during labour & birth (and during the Golden Hour immediately after birth) for mum and her birth companion and family, plus beautiful birth photos.
- Postnatal visits: including de-briefing with birth photos and story, fourth trimester planning, newborn care, sleep and breastfeeding support, health information and service referrals - also just to listen and chat over a cup of tea!
- Unlimited communication and support via phone/text/email.
- Access to evidence-based information and advice, and to my extensive pregnancy, birth and wellbeing resources.
- A back-up doula if required.
- 24/7 on-call support 2 weeks before/after estimated due date.
- Ongoing support and check-ins via phone/text/email/in person.

A sample postnatal plan (each visit approx. 3 hours): 
- Antenatal visit to meet family and discuss preparations for the fourth trimester, including a care plan.
- Sibling support during/post labour and birth.
- Emotional support: birth debriefing, reassuring and supporting mum in self-care, baby bonding and adapting to postpartum transition.
- Physical support: supporting mum with comfort measures for relaxation and healing, caring for baby and/or siblings to ensure parents can rest, spend time together or with other family members.
- Practical support: help with settling in at home, meal preparation, food shopping etc.
- Informational support: advice on newborn care including sleeping, feeding, health information and service referrals.
- Accompanying mum on outings or health care visits.
- Ongoing support and check-ins via phone/text/email/in person.

Contact for more details!